What does it take to make karaoke a success for your corporate event? Or to put it another way, how can you avoid the many pitfalls that can make karaoke a disastrous failure for your event? 🙂

First let’s look at a few of the many ways things can go wrong:

#1) Bad song choices! Personal experience has demonstrated that your party can literally be killed by one bad song choice. For example, a song like “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion can make people spontaneously decide it’s time to go home, when they were having a perfectly good time just a few minutes earlier.

#2) Bad sound mixing! Karaoke is notorious for, and for some, synonymous with bad singers and bad singing. However, what is not so commonly known is that the karaoke DJ – the sound engineer for your event – can have a huge effect on whether someone sounds merely “not so great” vs. “OMG I have to get out of here right now!”

#3) Boring presentation! For true karaoke fanatics, just a microphone and a speaker is enough for a great time. For most people though, just hearing lots of amateur singing with an occasional good singer is not enough to make their time at your event a pleasure.

Now let’s look at what it takes to remedy these particular problems, and how DJ Purple Dance Karaoke can take your company from, “Yeah we tried karaoke and it was terrible” to “OMG our company loves karaoke!”

#1) The DJ Purple Songbook doesn’t have the party-killing songs! Years of experience have shaped our songbook to include exclusively songs that not only keep the energy up at a party, but also inspire dancing, so non-singers can participate too!

#2) DJ Purple is a talented sound engineer, with years of experience developing skills and techniques to make each singer sound their very best! Unlike most karaoke DJs, he attends to the sound constantly throughout the event, bringing out the best of every single syllable of your performance!

#3) DJ Purple brings more sound, video and lighting equipment than almost any other karaoke DJ, more than many bands! His constant attention to detail applies to the lighting and special effects as well as the sound. He continuously controls the light show to match and support the musical performances, for a breathtaking effect that usually elicits responses like, “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

If you’re organizing a corporate karaoke event, make sure to hire a karaoke DJ who can help you avoid these pitfalls! Hire DJ Purple and make your event a smashing success!