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Our weekly in-person Dance Karaoke nights are back, and better than ever!
Tupelo Tuesdays, 1337 Grant Ave, San Francisco, 9pm-1am
Wednesdays @ The Patio, 412 Emerson St, Palo Alto, 10pm-1am
Thursdays @ Slate Bar, 2925 16th St, San Francisco, 9pm-1am

ZOOMAROKE Virtual Karaoke!

DJ Purple created the best-sounding online karaoke party ever!
Learn more or book your own ZOOMAROKE party!

Welcome to DJ Purple Dance Karaoke!

This is not ordinary karaoke, this is DANCE KARAOKE!

“Dance Karaoke” means high energy! Awesome intelligent stage lighting and pyrotechnic-like special effects make you feel like you’re the star of a real concert! When DJ Purple brings out his trademark live saxophone on an instrumental break, you’ll feel like you’ve got a real band backing you up!

When we say “high energy”, we mean continuous high energy! Instead of that pause and drop in momentum after every song that you’ll experience at ordinary karaoke shows, we mix directly from one singer to the next, like a DJ, so your party’s energy stays high and the excitement builds higher with every song and singer!

The final ingredient of “high energy” is the song book! With ordinary karaoke, one single guest picking the wrong sad, slow song can literally kill your entire party! Each and every one of the thousands of songs in our “Dance Karaoke” song book has been carefully curated to be lively and upbeat, designed to get everyone dancing while you sing! 

​What does Dance Karaoke look like?

Book DJ Purple Dance Karaoke or DJ Purple ZOOMAROKE for your special event!

Take your karaoke party to the next level! DJ Purple Dance Karaoke will transform your home, office or barn into a concert theater performance stage with an amazing light show, pyrotechnic-like special effects and… live sax!

High energy • Professional • Unparalleled attention to detail

“A Karaoke Phenomemon!” – SFist

“SF’s Karaoke King!” – The Bold Italic

“The Emperor of Karaoke!” – SF Weekly

Yes we do weddings! Karaoke Weddings are the best!

You and your friends and family will be talking about the amazing experience for years afterwards!

“DJ Purple has succeeded in fixing just about everything wrong with karaoke” – Jamie Guzzi (Last Nite)

“There’s nothing in the world like a DJ Purple show” – Allan Hough (

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