DJ Purple ZOOMAROKE! The Best-Sounding Online Karaoke Party!

During the pandemic, DJ Purple took his show online and created ZOOMAROKE! Using 6 computers and some other magic tricks, ZOOMAROKE was the best-sounding virtual live group karaoke in the world!

We’re not currently offering Zoomaroke, but take a look below to see what it was like!

Here’s what it looks like!

image of ZOOMAROKE!

Instructions from the glory days…

Zoom Meeting ID: 827-1055-4097

You’re welcome to join the show during our public hours to watch and see how it works, or to sing! We’ve figured out innovative ways to get exceptionally good sound for singing online!

To sound your best while singing, you’ll need both a computer and a smartphone. If you have a smartphone and a tablet (or second phone), you can sound pretty good, but not as good as with a computer. If you only have a single phone or tablet, here are other shows where you can sing.

The easiest way to sing is to join the show and let DJ Purple guide you through the process in person. However, if you’re tech savvy or feeling lucky, you can look at our written and video SINGING INSTRUCTIONS.

Disclaimer – most people find the written instructions overwhelming. You’re welcome to completely ignore them and just come to the show! DJ Purple has guided hundreds of people of all ages through this process during the show – it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks written out…