ZOOMAROKE Singing Instructions!

Disclaimer – most people find these instructions overwhelming. You’re welcome to completely ignore them and just come to the show!

At the show, DJ Purple will guide you through the process of singing online whether or not you’ve read the instructions. We’ve guided hundreds of people of all ages through this process – it’s not nearly as complicated as it looks written down here.

However, if you’re tech savvy or feel lucky, you’re welcome to learn as much as you like from the written and video instructions here! You’ll be helping the show run more smoothly, saving time for everyone, and having a better experience yourself!


1 phone with Zoom app installed
1 computer (not a tablet) with Zoom app installed

Note – it’s possible to sing with only a smartphone and a tablet (or two smartphones), but you won’t sound as good without a computer. If you have two devices, but no computer, here are the instructions you’ll need. If you only have one device, here are other shows where you can sing.

Are you a “visual person”? Try our VIDEO TUTORIAL! (Thanks Mo!)


1) On your computer, join the main ZOOMAROKE session: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82710554097
Zoom Meeting ID 827-1055-4097

2) Watch the Zoom chat for a welcome message, which will include a second Zoom Meeting ID to use for your phone. Enter this ID into the Zoom app on your phone to join the “Microphone Room.” Your phone will stay in the waiting room here until your turn to sing.

3) Open a new window in your computer’s browser, and go to: twitch.tv/djpurplekaraoke

The Play/Pause button and the volume slider will appear in the bottom left corner of the music & lyrics window when you move your mouse pointer there. Drag the volume slider to maximum, then click the Pause button to pause your stream:

4) Adjust the size and position of your windows so you can see both the music & lyrics window and the audience on Zoom at the same time. (Note: don’t watch the second lyrics window on Zoom when you sing – the timing will be off for you – that window is for the audience.)

5) Choose your song from the DJ Purple Dance Karaoke songbook
“Dance Karaoke” means all the songs in our book are lively, designed to get people dancing while you sing! If you don’t find a common song listed, we probably found through experience that it didn’t inspire dancing at our show. Please pick another song from the book!

6) When it’s your turn to sing, DJ Purple will admit your phone from the waiting room to the “Live” room. Tap on “Call using  Internet Audio” when prompted, then proceed to Step 7. (***Don’t continue to Step 7 until you’ve completed Step 6!***)

7) This is the hardest step!
a) Look at the bottom left corner of the Zoom window on your computer
b) Click on the tiny arrow (caret) symbol “^” next to the Mute button.
*Don’t click on the Mute button, just the tiny arrow next to it!*

c) A pop-up menu will appear – click on “Leave Computer Audio” – which is the second-to-last choice on the menu.

8) In your music & lyrics window, click the Play button to activate the stream. Listen for DJ Purple to say, “Count with me now…” and then say together with him, out loud, at the same time as he says it, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

9) NOW SING! Hold your phone close to your mouth, like a microphone! Read the lyrics in the lyrics player window, and watch your audience in the Zoom window! *Don’t read the lyrics in the Zoom window – the timing will be wrong!

10) Finally, right after you sing your last note – don’t wait for the music to finish! Do this right away:
a) Go to your computer’s Zoom meeting window, look in the bottom left corner, and click on the headphone icon labeled “Join Audio”:

b) Another window will pop up – click on “Join With Computer Audio”

You did it! Relax and enjoy the cheering from your fellow ZOOMAROKERS!

After you come down from the adrenaline, it’s time to learn how to support other singers and tips for sounding better! But we’ll save that for ZOOMAROKE Singing Instructions, PART 2!