ZOOMAROKE Singing Instructions Part 3!

But wait… there’s more! A few things that don’t happen often, but you’ll wish you had read this when they do… And then the good stuff – how to sound the absolute best possible in ZOOMAROKE!

Stuck in Limbo? Can’t hear or be heard?

If you ever get “stuck in limbo” while singing or getting ready to sing – unable to hear anyone or figure out what to do, your “safety net” is usually to “Join Audio” on your computer and ask for help:

a) Go to your computer’s Zoom meeting window, look in the bottom left corner, and click on the headphone icon labeled “Join Audio”:

b) Another window will pop up – click on “Join With Computer Audio”


When you’re singing, watch your lyrics in the ***Lyrics Player Window*** on your browser, NOT the Zoom window!

Even though you can see the lyrics to your song in the Zoom window also, don’t watch those lyrics when you sing! The timing on those lyrics will be wrong and if you follow them, your timing will be wrong! Those lyrics are only for the audience. Sing from the lyrics in the lyrics player window on your browser!

Warning – avoid “Safe Driving Mode” on your phone!

At some point, you may accidentally swipe to the right on your phone and enter the mysterious “Safe Driving Mode” on Zoom. You will be muted and your video turned off. You may ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Do not linger on this question, simply SWIPE LEFT and leave this awful place.

Be sure to use your phone’s “speakerphone”, not the “earphone”

Occasionally a phone’s settings will have sound playing through the tiny “earphone” (which you use for regular phone calls) rather than the “speakerphone”, which is louder. This makes it hard to hear DJ Purple when you’re in the “Microphone Room” setting up your song, and also disables the more sensitive microphone you need for singing. Here’s how to fix it:

Tap your phone’s Zoom screen so the controls appear, then look in the top left corner:

If you see a speaker icon with an “x” next to it, tap on that icon to turn on your phone’s loudspeaker. It should look like a speaker icon with sound waves coming out of it:

Also make sure your phone’s speaker volume is turned up all the way!


***#1*** Use headphones on your computer while singing!

Make sure your computer speakers are off and you’re only hearing the music through your headphones. This will keep the music from interfering with the sound of your voice going into your phone, so your voice will sound better!

Figure out which end of your phone sounds better!

Smartphones have at least two microphones – one used when you’re on a regular phone call, and another, more sensitive one used when you’re in “speaker phone” mode. Different phones have different locations for these microphones. If you sing into the wrong end of your phone, your voice may sound weak or garbled.

When DJ Purple is helping you get set up to sing in the “Microphone Room”, ask him to listen and tell you which end of your phone sounds better!

Advanced tip for improving your sound!
**Note – this only works if you’re using headphones!**

Use Zoom’s “enable original audio” feature on your phone:

If you’ve already joined the Zoom session on your phone, you must first leave the meeting in order to change this setting.
Launch the Zoom app on your phone (or exit and relaunch if it’s already active)
Tap on the settings gear in the bottom right corner:

Then tap on “Meetings”, scroll down to find “Use original sound”, and tap to turn the switch on:

This means that “Enable Original Sound” will now appear as an option on your phone during Zoom sessions, but…
*** You still have to remember to enable it every time you sing – for each song! ***

Here’s how to enable it:
After DJ Purple admits your phone from the waiting room to the “Microphone Room”:
a) Tap your phone’s Zoom screen so the controls appear
b) Tap on “…More” in the bottom right corner:

c) A menu will pop up. Tap on “Enable Original Sound”:

Done! Your voice will now sound better to the audience! A little less of that squeaky thin “Zoom sound”, and most importantly, long sustained notes won’t be cut off by Zoom’s background noise filter!

*Remember – the setting will get disabled again when you return to the waiting room, so you have to remember to enable it again for every song!

Congratulations! You are now ZOOMAROKE, ULTIMATE MASTER!

That’s all the levels we have so far! See you on the mic!