DJ Purple Dance Karaoke!

This Is Next Level Karaoke!

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Take your karaoke party to the next level! DJ Purple Dance Karaoke will transform your home or office into a concert theater performance stage with an amazing light show, pyrotechnic-like special effects and… live sax!

High energy • Professional • Unparalleled attention to detail

“DJ Purple has succeeded in fixing just about everything wrong with karaoke” – Jamie Guzzi

“Dance Karaoke” means all the songs in the song book are lively, upbeat, designed to get everyone dancing while you sing! You and your friends will be talking about the amazing experience for years afterwards!

“There’s nothing in the world like a DJ Purple show” – Allan Hough

Yes we do weddings! Karaoke Weddings are the best!

“The Emperor of Karaoke!” – SF Weekly

“SF’s Karaoke King!” – The Bold Italic

“A Karaoke Phenomemon!” – SFist

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